Orchestral music

»Pygmalion 4.0«
A meeting with Artificial Intelligence - through music, myth, and dance
Mit Musik von/with music by G. Benda, L. v. Beethoven, M. van der Aa und D. Scarlatti

»Venturini: Concerti«
concerti and suites by Francesco Venturini, orchestral leader at the Hanoveran Court

»Bach and the three mysterious V«
Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concerto 5 and Orchestral Suite 2
and compositions by Valentini, Venturini and Valoix

»Italia: la festa musicale«
Concerti and Concerti grossi by Vivaldi, Locatelli, Geminiani and Valentini
An evening with la festa musicale under the motto: soli per tutti!

»Bach|brand new!«
Johann Sebastian Bach: Brandenburg Concertos No. 1 and 3
Johann Sebastian Bach / la festa musicale (Arr.): New Brandenburg Concerto
Benjamin Scheuer: Fünf Einzelgänger (»Five Loners« - commissioned work)

»La Follia«
Concerti grossi by Arcangelo Corelli, Francesco Geminiani and George Frideric Handel

»il giovane sassone«
with Magdalene Harer (Soprano)
The young George Frideric Handel presents works from his Italian period:
Laudate Pueri (HWV 236), Saeviat tellus (HWV 240)
Orchestral music from Rodrigo (HWV 5)