Storie di Napoli

​Storie di Napoli is la festa musicale's third album for audite, presenting an innovative approach towards the varied and expressive Neapolitan baroque repertoire. Sensual arias and virtuoso concertos by composers such as Alessandro Scarlatti, Francesco Mancini and Nicola Fiorenza are collaged into a sonic-narrative telling Naples' best stories from the baroque heyday of what was then Europe's third-largest metropolis.

Gregor Joseph Werner

Vol. I: Salve Reginas · Pastorellas

Expressiveness, drama and Alpine joie de vivre: the hitherto neglected œuvre of Haydn's predecessor Gregor Joseph Werner reveals a wealth of contrasts. Connecting different epochs to each other, his compositions are musical jewels casting a new light on the works of the Viennese classical era.

Francesco Venturini


Orchestral music full of varied colours, expressive melodies and irresistible rhythms: Venturini creatively combines his own ideas with French and Italian stylistic elements in his concertos to create an elegant and virtuoso mélange. A real discovery!