Press commentaries

»"The ensemble la festa musicale under grand master Lajos Rovatkay has come to Werner's rescue [...] This time the focus is on Werner's magnificent Requiem in C minor, which features aparate instrumental scoring (strings and trombones) and dark, expressive tones. Excellently performed by a quartet of soloists, the Voktett Hannover and la festa musicale, this premiere recording is a great discovery."«

Review on 2. Werner CD: Gregor Joseph Werner - Requiem c-Moll | Motetten, byBernhard Schrammek, rbbKultur, 17.11.2022

»la festa musicale are the right interpreters for this with well thought-out phrasing, a great sense of rhythm and a sense for effective dynamics.«

"Ein venezianisches Fest - Feine Barockklänge von "la festa musicale" in der Markuskirche" on the project ANTONIO - by Jörg Worat, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 2.3.2022

»With its sensitive but equally spirited, fresh music-making, the ensemble accompanies us through a city whose music is characterised by many exciting, folkloristic influences. It is precisely this stylistic diversity and its natural appropriation by la festa musicale that makes this production such an experience.«

"Neapolitanische Lebenslust", Online-Review at on the CD "Storie di Napoli", 7.1.2022

»The audience experienced a concert evening of superlatives as part of the Lower Saxony Music Days in the St. Cosmas and Damian Church in Lunsen on Thursday evening. With the ensemble "la festa musicale" from Hanover and a complete performance of the six Brandenburg Concertos by Johann Sebastian Bach, a first-rate young baroque ensemble of exuberant musicality met an enthusiastic audience.«

"Bach in seiner ganzen Schönheit" by Susanne Ehrlich, Weser-Kurier 10.9.2021

»With this recording, the orchestra La Festa Musicale from Hanover, which has only existed for a few years, has earned a place in the front row of well-known baroque ensembles. Everything is just right: commitment and joy of discovery, plus stupendous mastery of the instruments.«

hifi records 2/2021 on the CD Francesco Venturini: Concerti

»The young resident baroque ensemble la festa musicale [...] breathes such infectious verve into the dance-like pieces that it is a real joy: plump, light and lively. To be continued...«

Nürnberger Zeitung from Monday, 1st March 2021 on the CD Francesco Venturini: Concerti

»This new CD by "la festa musicale" is a real highlight for me: ravishingly played, with great timing; with many tonal nuances and impressive dynamic range, allowing the whole to breathe vividly. [...] On the one hand, the music is extremely suitable for ironing and washing up. But you can also sit down with a glass of wine, really listen and fill up on the very best mood. Should one expect more from good music?«

Andreas Nachtsheim, WDR 3 theater review | 17.03.2021 on the CD Francesco Venturini: Concerti

»After just a few bars, you can no longer escape this music. It’s like a book that you don’t want to put down after a few sentences. The ensemble la festa musicale is a brilliant narrator. The musicians speak a clear language, play in a lively and refreshing way, always surprising with new timbres and sparkling dialogues.« 06/02/2021 zur CD Francesco Venturini: Concerti

»[...] An inspiring three quarters of an hour. [...] The phrasing was natural, clear, but without schoolmasterly attitude. This is exactly how one would like to hear this music.«

»In front of an audience again: Ensemble la festa musicale plays in St. Mark's Church«, Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, 29.6.2020 (Author: Michael Meyer-Frerichs)

»Lively, very precise in their interplay and with visible joy, the seven string players went to work and made the compositions seem so fresh, as if they had been composed only yesterday.«

»All the splendour of baroque music«, Usinger Anzeiger, 26.8.2019

»la festa musicale proves to be a sensitive orchestra that performs with colourfulness and dynamic differentiation, far removed from all epochal routine.«

»Baroque discoveries in the Jakobi Church in Peine«, Braunschweiger Zeitung, 19.8.2019 (Autor: Rainer Sliepen)

»The baroque orchestra "la festa musicale" was only founded in 2014 and is already on its way to the great festivals of early music. The overall sound and joy of playing leave a more than good impression.«

»Dramatic attacks, radically cut.«, Kreiszeitung, 4.4.2019

»Captivating. With this performance, la festa musicale has played its way into the top league of early music ensembles.«

from the article »In der ersten Liga« reviewing »Bach|brandneu!« by Michael Meyer-Frerichs, appearing in the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung HAZ of 29/8/2017

»The baroque orchestra la festa musicale [...] proved to be an ideal inspiration. This ›authentic sound‹ was not academic in any way, instead providing bubbling vitality, agility and a spectrum of colours in the sound that kept the listener in a state of constant attentiveness.«

from the article »Bachs Stern geht strahlend auf« by Sebastian Loskant, appearing in the Nordsee-Zeitung of 21/12/2015

»The small ensemble ›la festa musicale‹ [...] played captivatingly, providing driving rhythms and delicately painting the sensitive passages.«

from the article »Liebe im Kopf«, appearing in the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung HAZ of 4/11/2015